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What is iPeriod?

iPeriod was the original period tracking app on iOS, debuting in 2008, made for women and created by a woman. iPeriod has continually evolved over the past decade making it what it is today. We hope you enjoy it!

iPeriod's health algorithm learns more with each entry you make and you will find that predictions become more accurate over time.

Understand the different options available with iPeriod:

iPeriod Free
Premium Subscriptions
Period Tracking
Symptom Tracking
Mood Tracking
Activity Tracking (Apple Health)
Weight Tracking
Fertility Tracking
Next 12 Predictions
Community Forum
Custom Reminders
4 user-defined icons symptoms
No ads
Unlimited customizable symptoms
BBT Fertility Graphing
Unlimited PDF Data Exports
Custom Graphs

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Getting started with Apple Health in iPeriod

Import data from Apple Health, including periods, weight, BBT and activity. Make sure you give permission by going to the settings on your iOS device. Scroll down to iPeriod and set permissions from there. Now you can see related stats on your iPeriod home screen!

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Exporting data

As an iPeriod Premium subscriber, you can export reports as often as you like. Simply tap Settings from the Home screen, and choose "Share". Then select the timeframe you wish to see. We love this feature for preparing for doctors' appointments!

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Managing periods

Adding periods
Option 1:
Touch the plus sign (pink button) on bottom tab bar to enter notes and periods for today. On the Notes screen, select "first day of period". Choose to use your average duration or mark your period day by day. When marking day by day, select "extend period" from the notes screen to record another period day. Trim a period by double clicking on an existing period day and selecting "last day of period".

Option 2:
Touch the "Cycle Average" box on the home screen. Then touch the plus sign in the upper right corner of that screen. Enter the first day of your period and the duration (number of days bleeding) or the last day. Save and repeat to enter additional periods.

Option 3:
On the Calendar screen, double tap any day to enter periods and notes for that day.

Entering flow
A period must first be added to indicate flow. Then, select "Light", "Medium" or "Heavy" on the Notes screen.

Editing and deleting periods
Option 1:
From Calendar, touch the first day of your period that you'd like to delete. Once inside Notes, deselect "first day of period".

Option 2:
From the Home screen, tap your "Cycle Average" box. Then, tap any period under Cycle History to edit dates.

Simply swipe your finger across any entry that you would like to delete. A red delete button will appear.

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Recording notes and customizing symptoms

Double-tap any calendar day or touch the plus sign (pink button) on bottom tab bar. Notice the five tabs at the top of the screen: general, symptoms, moods, fertility and freeform notes. Managing symptoms is simple! You can remove unneeded symptoms by simply swiping across them. You can add symptoms by tapping "Add item" under the "symptoms" tab.

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Icon placement on calendar

Tap any symptom to customize its placement on the calendar. When you return to the calendar you will see associated icons representing your notes, giving you a visual snapshot of your cycles.

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Viewing graphs

Graphs are accessed from the Home screen. Want to see a graph for your cycle averages? Simply tap "Cycle Average" from Home! Want to view graphs of headaches or any other symptom? Simply select "Add Chart" (premium feature) to add relevant graphs!

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Your account

Create an iPeriod account for automatic data backup and to post on the community forum.

Managing data / transferring form another device

Create an iPeriod account for automatic data backup. To pull data from another device, make sure you are signed in to your iPeriod account and your data will automatically sync between devices. If you are not seeing this happen, then make sure that you are signed in by going to Settings / Accounts.

We know how important your iPeriod data is! We encourage you to create an iPeriod account so that you can retrieve your data in the following circumstances:

Lost password

No problem. Just go to Settings and select "Accounts". Then tap "Forgot Password".

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Reminders are divided into two types: Personal and iPeriod:

Add personal reminders that are relevant to you. Remind yourself to drink water, exercise, take medication, etc. Simply tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the Reminders screen to get started.


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Please note that iPeriod has many customizable settings, including the following:

Manage your iPeriod account. Forgot password? No problem. Problem solved here.

Periods / Fertility
Share (Export data)

Export your data from iPeriod for your personal use (premium subscription feature).


Manage your iPeriod Premium subscriptions here, including restoring purchases.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. Read our policy here.


Please let us know about any issues that you find or feature requests that you have! We read and value all feedback.


Choose between Imperial or Metric units.


Need to restore data from a previous version of iPeriod? First, make sure that you are signed in!

The first option restores from the auto-backup feature that occurred in the previous version of iPeriod.

The second option restores from the manual-backup that you may have triggered in a previous version of iPeriod.

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We are continually striving to make iPeriod even better and value your feedback.

Please submit suggestions via the feedback link under Settings.

Thank you!

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